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 Hello from Mick Heward
I am the manager and partner of Heward Estate wines, upstream from Mannum in a small district called Younghusband in South Australia.

My family became involved in the wine industry shortly after the First World War when my grandfather Jack Heward returned from France and took up a soldier settler block in Monash. Amongst other fruits he experimented with growing wine grapes, selling them to various wine companies in the district.
During huge 1956 flood of the Murray River, Jack and his son, my father and partner, John Heward assisted the Renmark growers and community with building and maintaining the levee banks which helped protect Renmark from the worst of the flooding.
As a result they were invited to join the Renmano co operative of growers and they began to grow for the Renmano label, which surprised many with its quality, with one of their labels The Chairmans Selection, winning the Australian wine of the year in 1988.

We live in the era of globalization and Renmano initially merged with Berri Estates and then the Hardy Wine Company, eventually becoming one of the largest wine companies in the world. In 1998 my wife Jo and I and my parents John and Irene, joined forces and set out to find a unique property and develop a more hands on label. While we are still proud to supply great grapes to the descendant company of Renmano, we are thrilled to now have our own unique wine as a result of that decision.

We found the property at Mannum which perfectly fitted our needs, starting our vineyards from scratch.
We contracted some excellent wine makers from the Barossa, supply them with the best our Mannum Cliffs property has to offer and excellent wines have been the result. During summer, my favourite part of the day is when the regular river breezes come up the valley and the vineyards cool quickly after have spent the day in the warm sun. This slows the ripening process and creates the unique Mannum Cliffs flavours, along with soil and limestone the vines have been planted in.
The Heward Estate partners know how blessed we are to have the Mannum Cliffs property.

Mick Heward from Heward Estate wines
Owner & Director
Heward Estate
Mick Heward



A walk down memory lane with my grandfather Jack and my dad John (on the tractor) in the late 1950s

 Jack & John Heward
 John Heward



Picture of my dad John Heward looking proud of he Cabernet Sauvignon crop back in early 1972


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